Infinity Footwear

All Uniform Wear brings to you Infinity footwear that comes in a wide variety of models, designs, and colours. The Infinity brand shoes provides nursing footwear, socks and stockings/hosiery.

Donning a proper footwear by healthcare professionals is a necessity. It helps medical professionals by reducing the strain and pain in the back, and offers a layer of protection. Keeping this in mind, we got you shoes and socks that provide you utmost comfort throughout your active day and keeps you on your toes.

Infinity brand shoes have been a popular choice for many and goes perfectly with your scrubs.

Our Infinity shoes are designed to include important features like all day wear, slip resistant rubber soles, midsoles integrated air bags for plush comfort and many more. All this comfort and functionality does not burn a hole in your pocket.

It is common for nursing footwear to be rather boring and drab. However, this collection was livened with bright and perky designs, and comes in a variety of categories. They are available in over 30 sizes and colours.

The knee-high socks/hosiery for women are made of premium materials and a blend of polyester, bamboo, and wool. The natural fibre ensures that your feet stays dry and odour free for longer hours.