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Why you should consider uniforms for your business (Business buyer)

Uniforms…they aren't just for policemen and postal workers anymore!  These days, a uniform can be something as simple as a logo shirt and pair of khaki pants, or a more traditional uniform of coveralls and a cap.  No matter what your business, if your employees interact with customers, uniforms can be a fantastic choice.

Need another reason to consider uniforms for your business?  How about five more reasons:

Uniforms Signify Trust
It's something we learned when we were kids:  you can trust a person in uniform.  Police officers, nurses…even the uniformed workers at the local amusement park or the mall security guards are the people we direct our own children to look for should trouble arise.  Create an instant sense of trust with a uniformed work force.
Uniforms Make Your Employees Easily Identifiable
How many times have you been in a store and inadvertently asked a fellow shopper a price question—because you couldn't tell the store employees apart from the shoppers?  A uniform makes it clear who's working and who's shopping.  And if your business sends employees to customer's homes, a uniform goes a long way in creating a sense of safety, confidence and trust.
Uniforms Make You Stand Out from the Competition
Would you rather drive a plain white work van or a white work van with your business name, logo and web URL emblazoned on the side?  These days, you've got to take competitive edge wherever you can get it.  By outfitting your workforce in logo uniforms, you're creating a walking, talking advertisement for your business. 
Uniforms Raise the Bar and the Bottom Line
Whether you like it or not, customers are going to base part of their perception of your value based on how you and your employees look. Shouldn't you dress to impress?  When your employees are all dressed tidily and business-like, customers feel differently toward your business.  They're more willing to pay higher prices at a company they feel is professional, versus lower prices at a company whose employees are sloppily dressed.
Uniforms Make Employees Feel Good
Everybody wants to belong…and your employees are no exception.  When your employees are all in uniform, they feel like they're part of a team.  Providing uniforms for your employees means that they don't have to deal with the hassle of deciding what to wear to work or soiling their own personal clothing.

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