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Things to Look for when Purchasing Uniforms (for the business buyer)

So, you've been tasked with picking out uniforms for the entire staff…where do you get started?  Don't fear, uniform buyer.  All Uniform Wear has developed a 4-point checklist of things to consider when purchasing uniforms.  Read through the tips below before starting your uniform search — and you'll be sure to find uniforms that wear and look good (and make YOU look good, too!)

Comfort is King

Certainly, good looks are key to projecting a good company image.  But making sure that the uniform fits the job is important, too.  Think about the kinds of tasks that workers will be performing in their uniforms.  Your medical office staff may look nice in knee-length skirts, but will they be able to bend to reach the bottom set of files without looking immodest?  Will the trendy flare-sleeve shirts you're considering for your wait staff get easily caught on sharp corners in the kitchen area? 

Uniforms that fit well and feel good mean that your employees can concentrate on their job, and don't have to fuss with pulling down a skirt that's hiked up, or tugging at a collar that is too tight.  And let's face it—if your employees are worried about how they look, they can't be focused on the job at hand.  A good, comfortable uniform can increase worker productivity, and battles the 'I'm late because I didn't know what to wear' excuse.

Picking the Perfect Color

'Uniform' doesn't have to mean 'boring'.  These days, the uniforms you choose can be as colorful as a child's box of crayons, or completely neutral and unassuming.  Not sure which color to choose?  Check out your business logo and choose one of the accent colors within it to bring out; or choose a completely different color that compliments it.

Working with a plain black and white logo?  You can even take a cue for attractive uniform colors by looking around the interior of your office space and a palette that will look nice in your surroundings.

In terms of functionality, darker colors are favored by those wishing to minimize any stains showing (and who hasn't suffered from the first-thing-in-the-morning-coffee-spill?).  Darker colors like navy, charcoal and black are especially good for those with inherently 'dirty' jobs like mechanics and factory workers.

The Right Material for the Job

Unlike the old days of '100% polyester everywhere,' today's uniform buyer has a wide variety of choices when purchasing uniform-wear for the workplace.  For a climate-controlled office environment, heavy-weight, pre-shrunk cotton tops and cotton-twill pants are a practical choice; they feel good on the skin and look good on the staff.

In more industrial environments—a car garage for example—you never know what kind of mess is around the corner (or on the garage floor!) Cotton/poly shirts repel water and wrinkles, but aren't as breathable as natural fabrics; workers may be more comfortable wearing a cotton undershirt.  And cotton or cotton-poly coveralls are a good choice to keep workers comfortable while keeping their personal clothes clean.

How Long Will it Last?

Choosing uniforms that are durable may mean a larger initial investment, but will pay off in the long run.  Uniforms must be able to stand up to day-to-day wear and continual laundering, while still looking good.  When buying uniforms, ask your uniform provider about factors like stain and wrinkle resistance, pilling and snagging.
Another good way to get real-world advice on uniform durability is to look around—the next time you're in an establishment whose uniforms look particularly good, ask the office manager who provides their uniforms and if they've been satisfied with how well and long they've worn.

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