Custom embroidery digitization means you send us a picture or image as an artwork and we convert that picture in to stitches. Our professionals provide fast turnaround for any custom embroidery digitizing to all clients. There is a one-time digitizing fee of $70.00.

Send us your custom logo or artwork electronically in a JPEG, TIF, BMP or GIF format) to:
Or mail artwork, letterhead or business card to:
ALL UNIFORM WEAR Digitizing and Embroidery Division 19499 Sheridan Street Pembroke Pines, Florida 33332
In the meantime, you may discuss your artwork with an ALL UNIFORM WEAR Specialist. If needed, they are available to answer your questions and confirm receipt of your artwork. Simply contact us at 1-866-ALL-UNIFORM or access our "LIVE Chat Help Line" on our home page.

Your artwork is digitized, meaning it's ready for embroidery. This process usually takes 24/48 hours. One of our specialist may contact you at this time in order address any issues with your artwork in order to ensure an accurate reproduction.

We will send you an embroidered sample of your logo / artwork for your approval. Any issues with your logo can be eliminated at that time so that the embroidery can proceed as smoothly as possible.

Your logo is now "on file" and can be used on all your future orders by simply selecting "Logo On File" in the "Custom Logo" drop down menu.