Certainty SmartShield Ointment-Certainty
Certainty SmartShield Ointment

Certainty SmartShield Ointment

  • Multiple Colors (MUL)
  • 30G

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    • Certainty� Smartshield Provides Instant And Continuous Protection Against A Broad Spectrum Of Harmful Pathogens Including Bacteria
    • Fungi And Viruses. This Double-Duty Formula
    • Prescription-Strength Formula
    • Is Indicated For Use As Both A Nasal Decolonizer And Healing Wound Dressing.

      Applied 2-3 Times A Day In The Nose
    • A Common Entry Point For Many Infectious Organisms
    • Certainty Smartshield Traps And Kills Airborne Pathogens
    • Helping Reduce The Risk Of Getting Or Spreading An Infection. Used On The Skin
    • It Acts As A Barrier To Protect Wounds Against Infection While Promoting Healing.

      The Fda-Cleared
    • Gentle
    • Petrolatum-Based Formula Is Non-Irritating
    • Hypoallergenic
    • And Has A Long Track Record Of Safety And Efficacy. Learn More At Certaintytechnologies.Com.

    • 100% Cotton

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