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Personalize It...Customize It... Design It!  
Your company's personal image announces to the world who you are and what you do. It is often the first impression and can be the last impression you leave with your customer. It can make a sale, break a sale, and influence repeat business. Being able to present an image that sets you apart from the competition is now a necessary weapon. Uniforms are one way to create an image that customers will remember. Displaying your company logo and colors on the right garments, creates pride with the wearer, and makes a statement to the world regarding your professionalism and attention to detail.

25 Years Of Pride In Our Product!  
At All Uniform Wear, we take great pride in our 25 years of service to the uniform and embroidery industry as well as the 11 retail locations that serve South Florida. Most importantly, we take your image very seriously, which is why we control every facet of your order and your custom embroidery. Unlike many of our competitors who depend on contractors to ship their orders, produce their designs and perform their custom embroidery; we operate our own 30,000 sq.ft. distribution center, 2,000 sq.ft digitizing studio and 10,000 sq.ft. embroidery factory. This allows us to carefully control all aspects of the process which ensures the highest possible quality and fastest production.

State Of The Art Equipment and Technology !
At all All Uniform Wear we realize that in order to provide our customer with the highest quality embroidery(i.e., precision, consistency, color and detail), we must constantly upgrade our embroidery machines and software to match today's technology. We only use the newest and most advanced Melco and Barudan embroidery machines and software. Our machines are networked to our computer system which allows us to load designs with maximum speed and accuracy.

What This Means To You!
It's very simple. The best uniforms form the best manufacturers - the best embroidery from the best machines - the best designs from the best software - the best execution from our 25 years of experience and service!